From May 2024, pricing will increase and offer changes. Book now to secure your spot at the old rates. 

Our services were carefully crafted to fit the needs of new and established businesses alike. We take limited amount of clients per month in order to give respectful attention to all of the our projects.

We are very excited to get to know you, your business and your vision. Just as every project is an unique journey, we will also create a custom package crafted to your individual needs.

Our Services

This package is dedicated for those who are looking to create minimal and purposeful aesthetics to grow in alignment with their vision.

‘Minimal’ provides you with everything you need to start your business’s branding journey. This is a great option for brands starting out with a smaller budget but craving to create something significant. This option is also perfect to refresh your brand identity.


What's included:


Branding Questionnaire
Art Direction (Moodboard)
Primary Logotype
Secondary Logotype
2-3 Logo Submarks
Color Palette
Typography Suite
Brandboard + Basic Brand Guidelines
Copyright Transfer


€ 1500,00 / 1640,00 USD


A strategic branding package for those who are ready to invest in a delightful and consistent identity, and joyfully bring their vision to life in its fullest manifestation.

If you are looking to truly explore your ideas and craft meanigful identity during a detailed process of exploring the spirit of your brand, this package is for you.


What's included:

8-12 WEEKS

Branding Questionnaire
Art Direction
Primary Logotype
Secondary Logotype
2-4 Logo Submarks
Color Palette
Typography Suite
Custom Brand Pattern & Iconography
2-4 Collateral Designs (digital / print)
Brand Guidelines
Copyright Transfer


€ 3500,00 / 3820,00 USD


Design intensive is a wonderful opportunity to manifest a beautiful brand identity in a short period of time and for a more affordable price-point. We will bring your unique vision to life and resonate with your dream audience just within a week.

If you have time for a complex and thoughtful launch, we recommend “Minimal” or “Creative”, in which you we have platform of time to truly explore your vision.


What's included:

7-10 DAYS

Branding Questionnaire
Art Direction (Moodboard)
Primary Logotype
Secondary Logotype
1-2 Logo Submarks
Color Palette
Typography Suite
Copyright Transfer


€ 1200,00 / 1310,00 USD


If you would like to know the details of our other offerings and learn more about our process - please fill out the application form:

Our Other Offerings

Collateral Design
Packaging Design
Social Media Design
Content Creation
Web Design
and more

The Process

Through our creative guidance during the design process, we want to create inspiring, long-lasting relationships with our clients. By finding alignment with your vision and brand, we want to help you in seamless communication of your unique values.

1) the inquiry

Tell us your story! Fill out the Inquiry form on my website or contact me via email. 


Let’s get know each other and talk about your vision I would love to hear more about you and your business.


Based on our conversation I will prepare custom Project Proposal for you that addresses your unique needs, outlines the process and all of the details.


After approval of the Project Proposal, I will send you the Contract and the first Invoice. Let’s the Magic Begin! 

What if I need only a logo?

We don't believe that only a logo design will create authentic and outstanding brand. We specialize in full brand identity systems, what allows us to capture the essence of your story through consistent visuals.
Our 'Minimal' Package is the core foundation, that gives you a basic tools for creating valuable brand experience. It was also designed for brands who just aren't ready for a full, strategic, branding project. We also offer 'Logo Signature' - unearthing of soulful logo mark for considered business founders that already have their branding, but desire to craft additional artistic logo mark for their business.

I already have branding, can you do a web/packaging for me?

We put the visual consistency on the pedestal, that's why we typically create projects from scratch. However if you feel like your current branding is in alignment with our studio, we are open for this.

What web platform do you design on?

We use Showit to create custom websites. Spring 2023 New Service - Shopify Web & Development will be available.

How long each project takes?

Projects usually take anywhere from 3 to 12 weeks.

How much does it cost to work with you?

Investment can range anywhere between €1k and €10k depending on the scope of work that you require. Due to the unique nature of each brand, we create customized packages tailored to your individual needs. Upon completion of your client application, we will schedule a discovery call to discuss your vision, needs and budget. If you’d like to get a rough pricing for our standard packages please send us an e-mail.

How does payment work?

Typical project require a 50% of non-refundable deposit upon singing to reserve your spot in our calendar. The remaining balance will be invoiced once the project is complete and before final files are sent over.

What isn't included in pricing?

Font licences
Image licences
Website Hosting & Subscriptions
Printing costs
Third-party plugin fees
Brand Photography / Image Sourcing
Additional revision rounds


Ready to start the journey?